Standoff in Oregon: What do the neighbors think?

As the armed occupation at Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge extends into its third day, those most directly affected by the standoff on federally protected land had varied opinions on the motives and tactics of those involved.


“Good luck to them. I’ve been occupying these wet twigs for years, and we’re still no closer to defunding Obamacare.” — Muskrat


“I’m not saying I necessarily agree with their methods, but who is the government to declare land off-limits to citizens who need that land to survive? Again, I’m not saying I’m on board with their approach. On the other hand, when I see you media people from New York City butting in to a situation you don’t know anything about, I’m tempted to change my mind and pick up a gun.” — Black-Capped Chickadee


“You’ll probably get some right-wing BS if you talk to a black-capped chickadee, but ask pretty much any other plant or animal in the refuge and they’ll tell you we just want to be left alone.” — Turkey Vulture


“America, behold your precious, precious Second Amendment in action.” — Mountain Sheep


“I don’t fully get ‘armed militia’ as a concept. Why did they take this particular action? Did they exhaust the proper channels? Was there another path they could have taken to address their issues with the federal government? What are arms?” — Bull Snake


“I’m suspicious of government overreach myself — a lot of us are in these parts. But law is law, and you don’t change it by picking up weapons and illegally occupying public property. I always carry a little copy of the Constitution. Maybe these militia people should read it?” — Ponderosa Pine Cone


“I do think the federal government has too much control over land in the West. It’s the people’s land. Of course the irony of these people basically asking for a big government handout of land isn’t lost on me. But they brought snacks. And I love crumbs.” — Great Basin Pocket Mouse